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  • Stink Sack™ Odor Proof bags are constructed with extra thick polyethylene plastic, a durable odor locking zipper, and sealed with extra wide bottom and side edges.

    This makes each heat-seal compatible bag the best smell proof, water proof, dirt and sand proof, and puncture and tear resistant bag available on the market.

  • From tiny size dog treats to toiletries, stinky diapers and dirty cleats, Stink Sack™ bags are made in a variety of sizes to help you trap and conceal smells for almost any messy situation.

    Our bags are currently available in 5 sizes:

    •     X-Small (4 x 3")
    •     Small (4 x 6")
    •     Quart (7 x 7.5")
    •     One Gallon (10.5 x 10.75")
    •     Two Gallon (13 x 15.5")

  • Every size Stink Sack™ bag is available in clear for those who'd like to see what's inside, as well as black in case you'd like to keep your contents discreet.

    If you're looking for something a little more stylish, check out the new Stink Sack™ Designer Series for bags specifically tailored to the needs of parents, pet owners, and hunters/campers!

    • Unlike any other smell proof bag company, Stink Sack™ has designed a program to make it convenient for retailers to carry our products and easy for our fans to find them.

      If you are a retailer, wholesaler, or distributor and are interested in carrying Stink Sack™ bags, contact us today for more information:
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